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Unshading Grey: Why do people like Christian Grey?

The movie Fifty Shades has drawn much interest, concern, and criticism from different people around the world. People have shown different and conflicting attitudes toward the film with some commending the film and some bashing the film extensively. The film, based on the book written by British author E.L. James, was about the love story between a literature major Anastacia Steele and the young and wealthy entrepreneur, Christian Grey.

Tony Meloto and the Culture of Poverty

While I am not a fan of Tony Meloto’s ideas about social entrepreneurship – a business will never be “social” unless the poor are made partners and equals in management and decision-making – one cannot argue with 1.25 million people housed with his (and Gawad Kalinga’s) goal of instilling discipline and putting an end to a culture of poverty in GK communities.

The Mamasapano Massacre in Maguindanao: A continuing chain of discord?

While we may not have a quick and ready solution to this long-standing peace and security problem in Southern Philippines, we also have a responsibility to examine the social processes that we create and re-create everyday and that lead to the construction of a divisive social structure. (Image by Patricia Evangelista/Rappler)