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Statement on use of presidential debate cartoon published 24 February 2016

It has come to our attention that one of our illustrations, a cartoon of the first presidential debate published here, has been copied and used for another purpose by an unknown online user without our permission. The cartoon was cropped, the candidates’ logos inserted, and the words, “Mga kaibigan, wag tayo mag away-away” (Friends, let us not fight), added. This modified version was later shared as an Internet meme by different online users across social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter.

On 28 April 2016, GMA News TV’s program, Balitanghali, aired a copy of this edited image in one of its news reports, citing it as an Internet meme going around social media. As the root source of the edited image would be difficult to trace given the many times it was shared, we are unable to determine who actually took the photo from our site and modified it without our knowledge and consent.

We, the Verstehen editorial team, recognize the value of online media as a space for public discussion and the exchange of ideas, views, and information, whether through text, photo, video or other creative work. In this freedom of exchange, however, we also believe in proper attribution, especially as different online users participate in the process of distributing, sharing, and posting or re-posting texts, photos, videos, and other material online.

We are happy and grateful to our readers and reactors who find value in the creative work that we share. However, for those who wish to re-post or use our articles and images for whatever purpose, we would appreciate proper attribution or citation acknowledging Verstehen as the source. For further questions on this matter, you may also e-mail us at verstehenonline[at]gmail[dot]com.

The Editors
May 2016


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