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Job Opportunity: Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacific

The Communications and Country Innovations Program Officer provides staff support in the communication and country innovations component. An integral part of this Terms of Reference is the creation of the 3-month Work Plan. The Program Officer will report directly to the Communications Manager and the Country Innovations Manager.


  • Bachelors Degree in Communications, Development Studies, Public Administration, Social Sciences or any related field (Masters Degree is an advantage)
  • Has at least 2 years experience in the field of journalism or research
  • Has strong oral and written communication skills and in-depth understanding of strategic communication approaches and tools
  • Familiarity with social media and other internet-based communication platforms
  • Organized, responsible and be able and willing to work under pressure and deliver timely results following an agreed schedule.
  • Has good interpersonal skills and is a good team player

The Project Officer’s specific duties and responsibilities are the following: 

Country Innovations

  1. Assist in the implementation of ANSA–EAP Country Innovations strategy which includes the following:
    1. Consolidation of knowledge products of ANSA–EAP including best practices from different countries;
    2. Coordination of regional network through regular meetings and online correspondences;
    3. Finalization of strategy for innovations;
    4. Finalization of innovations learning module;
    5. Consolidated component report for country innovations.


  1. Assist in the implementation of ANSA–EAP communications strategy which includes the following:
    1. Package and promote different ANSA–EAP activities using different ICT platforms;
    2. Prepare a consolidated component report;
    3. Partner with different organizations and institutions for the promotion of ANSA–EAP;
    4. Complete the ANSA–EAP standard communication systems and protocols;
    5. Develop a generic communications kit;


  1. Assist in the development of proposals and concept notes for ANSA–EAP;
  2. Attend all Communications and Country Innovations component meetings and prepare minutes of the meetings to be submitted to the respective managers;
  3. Assist in programs and activities related to communications and country innovations;
  4. Attend all other ANSA–EAP activities when required;
  5. Receive and perform delegated tasks from the ANSA–EAP Communications Manager or the  Country Innovations Manager or their delegated representative on a case-to-case basis including assistance in logistical and communications efforts in all ANSA–EAP events and activities; and
  6. Attend scheduled ANSA–EAP Team Meetings.


  1. ANSA–EAP portfolio of projects and best practices;
  2. Final ANSA–EAP Country Innovations learning module;
  3. Final ANSA–EAP Country innovations strategy;
  4. Standard ANSA–EAP communications system and protocols;
  5. Write-ups/articles for ANSA–EAP;
  6. ANSA–EAP generic communications kit;
  7. Minutes of component meetings;
  8. Monthly Work Accomplishment Report; and
  9. End-of-Contract Report and other reports, as required.

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