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When malls reign supreme

1This used to be a thriving movie house in Subic (SBMA). New malls with spanking cinemas led to its demise. Have you seen these kinds of abandoned structures? Structures that can be re-purposed as museums, craft centers, and libraries, but have instead fallen into disuse. How ironic that despite having these culturally significant edifices laying in waste, large malls that kill small industries are allowed to proliferate. What do you think of this mentality that equates development with malls? How would you like to see these buildings re-used?


  1. I bet this has a lot to do with how wealth and consumption have become so integral to modern ideas of success and progress.

    It’d be nice if these buildings found some productive use. The most unfortunate scenario would be the building owner leaving it as is until someone sees value in the land it’s built on. It’ll then be torn down, for something bigger, shinier and more profitable to be built in its place. That, or a parking lot, if the land next to it is ever “developed.” (I genuinely believe parking is the greatest scam in the history of urban development.)


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